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What is a Wall Street Analyst?

What actually is a Wall Street Analyst? What do they analyze? It appears to me, they are a person who fills their life with the pursuit of wealth.

Its the fiduciary religion. One goal, to sit on top of as much wealth as possible, usually much more then they can ever spend in a lifetime, and they usually have to do things that hurt others to get on top of their pile of money. Shipping jobs to China, lowering wages, polluting the environment, hurting animals, burning forests and it goes on and on in corporate America.

There are very few US corporations or wall street analysts that chose to do the right thing ahead of shareholder wealth. I can probably name them on my 10 fingers.

Wall Street, many years ago was for long term investment, seeing opportunity and wanting to better a company to grow that opportunity. Todays Wall street is more of a legalized casino, short term bets, on failure and success.

In the end that big pile of money can’t make these people immortal, or cleanse their integrity, nor can it absolve them in any way, in the end they go in the ground just like the rest of us, but I know that I will go in having been a righteous man, I will use my time in pursuit of goodness and happiness and betterment for all. Thats my pursuit. Whats yours?

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My sweet pup Sunny was attacked recently by another dog, and was hurt badly. I had to bring Sunny to the vet for emergency treatment. This included stopping the bleeding from his neck, surgically put in a drain, stabalizing him, two follow up visits, and take home medication (antibiotics and anti inflamation.

I have VPI pet insurance, and have had a policy for Sunny for several years now. This was the first time I had to put in a large claim for reimbursement for Sunny ever.

Well  today I find out VPI is only paying me back for half of the vet bill ($650). I have to cover the other half myself. Apparently in the insurance fine print VPI only covers $480 for puncture wounds per year. I hope I have no more pucnture wounds for the rest of the year, wow!

I feel so betrayed by VPI. I cant even begin to tell you how it feels to think you have good insurance for your dog and to find out its all a lie. Thank God this was not something even worse like Cancer, for which VPI also has a yearly limit, as with all health issues. Now I understand this is generally how there policies are, they say no limits broadly in the advertising and then they limit each individual case/treatment per year. This is a very deceptive practice and as I understand it not all companies do this.

You can see the image yourself of my claim above as proof.

Anyhow, I am moving on to another insurance company now, and I hope you take my advise and stay away from VPI as well. I dont have a horse in this race other than to tell the world about how this was handled so others can avoid this.

By the way Sunny is recovering nicely, and I dont regret paying the money, I would pay it all over again, many times to save him. Even without insurance. :) 


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This is the actual state of things. In 2014, if turnout is low and if PBO approval stays below 48-49 % there may possibly be too many blue Senate seats to defend this election, maybe. We have 7 months to change this dynamic though. I also agree post this election the older Republican white voters will be eroding (nice way for saying dying off) and the Latin effect will really start shaking things up. The GOP may possibly do ok this year but its not a trend, its a last gasp. So much can change between now and 11/4. A small uptick in turnout over past years can have huge effect in the Senate races. Win one or two seats more and the GOP loses again. The DSCC knows this and wisely invested $60 million in turnout operations already. THATS GROUND GAME. I think the Dems have the right idea, and its possible higher turnout will help Dems. Of course the corporate news is predicting the election 7 months in advance and all predictions are based on a low white turnout model. Two key areas of my focus. GORILLA WAREFARE, I’m going to support Tea Party challengers financially in races where they have a primary shot, yup you heard me. The Tea party candidates have much less chance of winning in the general against the Dem than the Republican. 2. Focus on turn out turn out turn out. #GROUNDGAME

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I realize this is a war, I have know for a while. You don’t fight a war with compromise and patience for your enemy. You relentlessly hunt your enemy and keep him running and you destroy him when you catch him. This is exactly what corporatism and conservatism is doing right now to our laws and rights. Yes, we have a President, but he is almost powerless with a Conservative Supreme court and a Congress with a Conservative house. The only way to change this dynamic is to absolutely destroy the GOP in the next elections. Overwhelm them with voters. Take 2014 seriously, very very seriously. Today was a yet another absurd declaration of war by Conservatism.

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It is patently clear that the Supreme court is a total pile of ____. This Congress will never even muster itself to re-write section 4 as SCOTUS wants and they know that, this Congress can barely pass laws naming post offices and bridges these days. Why would it be bad to make sure everyone can vote? Because little old white guys are afraid of blacks and non-whites voting (as they should be). This is clearly fear of the future. Now states that have a history of discrimination, and I mean real discrimination, like “guess how many jelly beans are in the jar and if you are right, you get to vote” states (yes that happened, really!) just need to pass state laws dictating who, how, where, who can not vote in Federal elections without any pre-clearance by the DOJ. For instance, what do you think Mississippi will do now, I think I have an idea….sadly. Of course, I expected nothing less from the Supreme court, given there are five LITTLE WHITE MALE RACISTS on the court. The same racists that allowed Citizens United by the way, allowing unlimited campaign contributions and calls corporations people for the sake of the scheme. I am telling you, this Government is completely, utterly broken, and Ethically and Morally bankrupt. There is absolutely NO reason why this should have taken place, other than the obvious. This disgusts me…SCOTUS disgusts me. The USA is beginning to need an air freshener, it’s starting to stink allot around here.